Dawn Herring, 54, is a 15 year HER2-positive breast cancer survivor from Bayonne. Diagnosed at only 38 years old, she describes her experience as a blessing because it revealed a “new attitude, a new outlook, a new heart, a new ability, and a new service”. “God has renewed a bright spirit within me” Herring states. As a survivor, Dawn likes to use her time now give back and be of service to others.
Desiree Harris, 39, was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in January 2019. After 4 rounds of chemotherapy, she had a mastectomy on her right breast with lump nodes removed and an expander inserted for reconstruction surgery. Harris was declared cancer free in May 2019. “I always tell people, I had cancer, it didn’t have me. I am a survivor but I still have to continue to fight” – Desiree Harris
Jeanelle Adams, 35, is an artist and yoga instructor from Newark, NJ. In 2022, Adams was diagnosed with Stage 3 triple negative breast cancer. Adams refers to her husband as her “rock” as she hasn’t “been to treatment without him”. With the support of her husband and daughter by her side, Jeanelle has had 23 rounds of chemotherapy, and a double mastectomy. Currently, Adams is on active immunotherapy.
Lloyd Lythcott, 55, is a network engineer from the Bronx, NY. In October 2021 he was diagnosed with invasive squamous cell carcinoma. Lloyd states that cancer “has tested my personal constitution and made me acutely aware of the frailties of life. This will test you internally by your strength, your resilience, your faith, your determination and your personal constitution”. He thanks his friend Dwight, his son Kris, brother, his woman and others that have prayed for him when he couldn’t speak himself.
Melissa King, 46, is a veteran and mother of three boys. In April 2023, King was diagnosed with invasive ductile carcinoma breast cancer. “There’s been a lot going on since diagnosed. I moved while on chemo and my school aged children transferred schools”. Melissa did have the the help of her mother who flew in after her oncoplastic surgery. Though she is still fighting, Melissa advises other warriors to “just breathe. Physical health is an obvious concern, but you have to be mentally strong even more so!”.
Stacey Carter, 53, works as a Labor and Delivery Nurse. In October 2022, she was diagnosed with breast cancer; forcing her to “accept the role as a patient as opposed to being the healthcare provider”. Although the journey was challenging, Carter thanks “GOD first” her husband, sister, friends and coworkers for supporting her through the process. Since her diagnosis, Stacey emphasizes “living in the moment. I no longer procrastinate in doing things that I want to do in life”.

2023 Warriors
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