GTW Cares Inc d/b/a GLAMMING THE WARRIOR is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity nonprofit organization that recognizes the strength and commitment of the people in our community who have been diagnosed with cancer. The Lash Gallery in collaboration with other local small businesses in Jersey City & it’s surrounding areas came together to provide both cancer patients and survivors a wellness makeover day with the hopes of re-instilling their confidence and improving their quality of life and their treatment’s effectiveness.

Our Mission

At Glamming the Warrior, we are dedicated to boosting confidence and self-esteem while raising awareness about the challenges faced by cancer patients. Our campaign aims to acknowledge the resilience of these warriors who battle cancer every day and ensure their efforts are recognized.

Glamming the Warrior, a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, hosts an annual campaign to honor the strength and commitment in our community, regardless of gender, who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Research conducted by The Mental Health Foundation in the United Kingdom revealed a 50% increase in mortality rates among cancer patients suffering from depression. However, various group-based psychosocial interventions have consistently shown that improving self-perception of attractiveness leads to immediate reductions in symptoms of depression and anxiety, with ongoing improvements in psychological well-being. Furthermore, a research fellow at Harvard School of Public Health’s Department of Society, Human Development, and Health found that the most optimistic illness patients had approximately a 50% lower risk of mortality.

In collaboration with several local businesses in Jersey City and the surrounding areas, we are proud to offer a wellness makeover giveaway to cancer patients and survivors (referred to as warriors). Our aim is to restore their self-confidence, enhance their quality of life, and improve the effectiveness of their treatment. VIP honorees will receive a comprehensive wellness makeover, including services such as lash extensions or magnetic strip lashes, brow maintenance, custom formulated mineral lip stain, wardrobe styling, nail services, hair and makeup, massage, facial, acupuncture, B12 shots or IV drips. Additionally, we provide a professional photoshoot to reignite the warriors’ confidence, and a videographer captures the entire experience. The campaign culminates with a gala event in February to honor and celebrate the journey of the cancer nominees.

This campaign was initiated in 2021, by The Lash Gallery, due to overwhelming community response and support. In 2022, The Lash Gallery established Glamming The Warrior as a nonprofit organization and was approved from the IRS on October 18, 2023, GTW Cares Inc. dba Glamming The Warrior was granted 501(c)(3) public charity status, further solidifying our commitment to our mission. Our EIN is 93-3546584

Sponsorship Inquires

Any interest in sponsoring please email us at [email protected]