Many have asked about what Glamming the Warrior is, what we stand for, and how to get involved. Well, here are your answers!

A study by The Mental Health Foundation based in the United Kingdom, found that cancer patients suffering from depression have been linked to a 50% increase in mortality rates. However, when the perception of attractiveness was improved, the symptoms of depression and anxiety were immediately decreased with stability of improvements on psychological outcome. The Harvard School of Public Health’s Dept. of Society, Human Development & Health also concluded that the most optimistic of patients suffering from a diagnosis of cancer had approximately 50% less risk of mortality.

That being said, it is safe to say that there is a direct relationship between physical appearance and healing. The GTW team stands by the idea that when you look good & feel good, you’ll heal even better.

We’ve also opened our campaign up to men and non binary individuals this year and have provided opportunities for others to contribute through donation, sponsorship, and even participation in the event! To learn more, visit the link in bio